The Fun Side of the EPT - The Malteaser Gig in Challenge Stapes

The European Poker Tour (EPT) has been a very popular tournament over the years and has always drawn the best of talent to its tables at every pit stop it has made along the way. It is professional poker, yes, but also a lot of fun along the way. At the official PokerStars YouTube channel, along with regular videos of EPT events at various locations across the world, you will also find videos of interesting and fun events and dares that the EPT gets people to do. One such is Challenge Stapes, and this edition of Challenge Stapes has the host Joe Stapleton doing the Malteaser, an event held in Malta.

Stapleton is guided, through an earpiece, by two professional poker players to complete 10 tasks in the town square of Malta; effectively, Stapleton is the puppet and the two professionals directing him are the puppet masters. The two poker professionals chosen for this event are Griffin and Fatima. Griffin is the champion of the first season of Shark Cage. The promo starts off with an introduction by Joe Stapleton, an introduction to the professionals, and the laying down of the ground rules by Stapleton.

The start itself is hilarious; he is guided by Fatima to go up to someone and ask for directions to the Hilton. Once he asks her, things rapidly spin into a world of hilarity, with Stapleton first telling the lady that her directions are probably not correct because the Hilton was not where she was saying it was, and then when she starts to give him directions, telling her ‘don’t tell me what to do’. All on the instructions of Fatima, of course. Result, everyone has a good laugh, except poor Stapleton. All you need to do: sit back and enjoy the fun!

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