Tips for Playing Pot Limit 6-Card Omaha from Full Tilt Poker

There are different variations of Omaha Hi that Full Tilt Poker offers through its software, and one popular variation is 6-Card Omaha. The game is unique in the sense that all players start with 6 hole cards instead of the usual 4. Once the flop is through, the game progresses more or less like a standard Omaha hand. You can play this game at 6-Max tables as well as at heads-up tables. The game uses a 52-card deck and the deck is shuffled at the start of each hand. This video gives you tips on the Game of the Week showcase at Full Tilt Poker, which is Pot Limit 6-Card Omaha, a game that is exclusively found at Full Tilt Poker.

The video starts with the standard Full Tilt logo at the front and then goes on to discussing Pot Limit 6-Card Omaha. The voice over at the beginning of the promo gives a brief intro to the game and then Gareth from Full Tilt then proceeds to explain the game through his laptop, playing the different hands available to make it easily understandable to the viewer. He starts off with what the game is, where you can find it, and all the other details relevant to the game and then provides some important tips on how to tackle the game when you are playing it.

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