Watch Event #16 of WSOP 2015

Poker is one game that is common to every gambling casino around the world. Not just in casinos, poker is a game you will find being played even in neighborhood poker rooms and clubs; you find representation of this game even in the movies from Hollywood about the Wild West. This is an intensely fascinating game because it involves luck and a whole lot of skill, not to mention the ability to pull off a successful bluff. There have been instances where huge games have been won on low-value hands, all because the person with the hand managed to bluff his way to a win.

Poker’s popularity has soared worldwide with the arrival of the online casino, and now the mobile casino is set to take the game to the next level. Poker is also a great game because it is a game players play against each other, which means it is a game that lends itself very well to the tournament format of play. One of the premier poker tournaments in the world today is the World Series of Poker. This tournament brings together poker pros from across the world as they bid to win the title of champion and a gold bracelet.

This video shows the final table of Event #16 of the WSOP 2015. This is the first part of a 9-clip series of this event.

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