Watch the Stars Talk About How it Feels to Be a Poker Celebrity

If you are a poker fan, you must obviously have followed the game closely – online and offline, and kept tabs about the big players. Because there are some really big fish in the Poker Sea out there, people who have made it to the stratospheric circle of the big winners. You must have fancied yourself being like them, raking in that one monstrous win that gave you the title of Champion. You must have wondered what a life like theirs would be, what it would be like to be a poker celebrity. This promo of The Bonus Cut gives you a peek into the lives of some of these stars, their perspective on how it feels to be a poker celebrity.

The promo, as you will see, feature some of the big names of poker Team Pro Liv Boeree, Team Pro Daniel Negreanu, Phil Helmuth, and Victoria Mitchell talking about how it feels to be a poker celebrity. Liv Boeree take is that it is great, and of course a lot of fun, and Victoria Mitchell says it is special when someone you have never met bumps into you or sees you on the street and recognize you for who you are, a poker celebrity. And then there are interesting insights from Daniel Negreanu and Phil Helmuth too. Watch it to see what these amazing champions have to say about being a poker celebrity.

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