WSOP 2015 Kicks Off: See Awesome of the Week Here!

Poker is one gambling game that has always remained popular, right from the time it was first played. Its popularity has a lot to do with the fact that it pits a group of humans against each other as they sit together and use their skill, luck, and bluff to beat the others and emerge the winner. It is one of the reasons you find poker games not just at the big casinos – land-based as well as online – but also in smoky poker rooms in your neighborhood. There are poker tournaments organized across the world, but one of the biggest today is the World Series of Poker (WSOP). When it comes to poker tournaments, it actually does not get any bigger than the WSOP.

The WSOP is an annual event that pits the best poker players from across the world against each other as they fight for a place at the final table and a shot at a huge prize packet. The World Series of Poker tournament for 2015 kicked off last month, and last week actually being the first week of the tournament. Just the first week and already so much has been happening: the Colossus has shattered records and made history, and there have been many awesome moments that have made the first week of WSOP 2015 special.

This video brings you a highlight of the first week of WSOP 2015, with poker presenter Tatjana Pašalić joining the WSOP team to bring the action to you.

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