The Baccarat Glossary

Learn basic terms of the game using the baccarat glossary


The baccarat glossary is basically a collection of all the terms used in baccarat. Some of the terms are commonly used, while there are also others that may not be all that common. In the baccarat glossary, you will come across a number of terms that are French, this is only because the game itself has its origins in France.


Basic Terms Explained

We will start this section with a list of the basic and commonly used terms, and move on to others from there.


  • Baccarat: The first word to learn in baccarat is, of course, baccarat. This term refers to the worst hand you could have been dealt during the course of the game, and has a total value of zero.


  • Banco: You will utter this word when you are ready to bet all your money at one go. The word also refers to the bank.


  • Banker or Banco Bet: This term refers to the bet that you would place on the banker during a baccarat game.


  • Croupier: Croupier in baccarat is just another term used to refer to the dealer of the cards during a game.


  • Player or Punto Bet: This term refers to the bet you would place on a player.


  • Tie Bet: The tie bet is a bet you would place on the possibility of a tie at the end of a particular baccarat game.


  • Face Card: The term ‘face card’ refers to the Jack, Queen, or King, i.e. the cards with ‘faces’, in a deck.


  • Fade/Loss Bet: These terms are used to refer to a bet that you may place against the bank in a game of baccarat.


  • House Edge: The term house edge refers to the advantage that the casino enjoys over the players in a baccarat game.


Baccarat Glossary – Some More Advanced Terms


  • Baccarat en Banque: There are variations of baccarat available, and one such variation is Baccarat en Banque. In this form of baccarat there are two players, with the casino booking the bets.


  • Carte: The term carte is used to ask the dealer for a card.


  • Coup: A round of baccarat is referred to as a coup.


  • Chemin-de-fer: Chemin-de-fer is another form of baccarat, the European version of the game. In this version, the banker, the dealer, and the person taking the bets are all one person. It is a French term for ‘railroad.’


  • Le Grande: This term is used to describe a ‘9’ hand. Le Grande is considered the best hand in baccarat.


  • Muck: A form where 8 card decks are used for a baccarat game, making it 416 cards in all.


  • Palette: Seen in traditional baccarat, the palette is the tool with which cards are moved on the baccarat table.


  • Petite: A hand where the total of the two cards dealt adds up to 8. Another term for it is ‘Natural.’


  • Standoff: A situation where the banker and the player are tied.


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