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A short overview about Progressive Jackpots in general, and a list of RTG Progressive Jackpots currently available online. Maybe you are the next winner!

What is a Progressive Jackpot? The term "Jackpot" is referred to a big payout hit by a person during an online game. Most often the Slot Machines, multi-million slots or video poker games offer Jackpots. In order to qualify for a Jackpot, you must place the highest bet possible on the machine that you are playing on. As a matter of fact most machines will even have a maximum betting button so that you can automatically play for the jackpot on every turn.


What are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are those jackpots that progressively get bigger and bigger until they pay out. Each player that plays a progressive jackpot game contributes to that particular progressive jackpot. Most progressive jackpots are usually in the form of slot machines - mainly because slot style casino games helps them to progress due to the speed of the play.


How do Progressive Jackpots work?

Progressive jackpots are connected through a series of networks so that many machines can work together to offer a huge jackpot to one lucky winner. At an online casino many games are connected via software from one casino to another. This allows the online casino to display their jackpot offers from the network of different casinos. With thousands of people playing the same progressive game and contributing to the same jackpot, these jackpots run into thousands, some of them regularly go over the million pound mark!


RTG Progressive Jackpots

Some of the larger and most popular jackpots are within the RTG network. Below you can see them all. Click the Progressive Jackpot that you'd like to play and it'll direct you to it's RTG casino where you can play and maybe even win this jackpot.


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