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Sic Bo, the ancient Chinese gambling game using three dice, is now available in a live dealer version at online casinos. Live dealer games are taking over the online gaming scene, and even more obscure games like Sic Bo are now a live option at live dealer online casinos.

Sic Bo has been available at online casinos for years, but it’s the live dealer aspect of the game that makes this new version stand out. Casinos offering live dealer Sic Bo are not the norm, but the game is catching on among people who have discovered that they love live dealer online gaming.

What Is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a bastardization of the Mandarin words for “three dice.” Sic Bo is not the most popular game in Western casinos, though it has its fans as well. Online casinos offering Sic Bo in a live dealer game are showing a commitment to offer games that their customers like, no matter how obscure.

Sic Bo is one of the few live dealer games that offer a truly awful house edge. Unlike blackjack, Sic Bo gives the advantage to the house in a big way. That could be part of the reason for Sic Bo’s obscurity.

In traditional casinos, Sic Bo requires a giant gaming table crowded with different bets. Think of Sic Bo as Asian craps and you’ll be somewhat correct. The biggest difference is that unlike craps, Sic Bo doesn’t really have a good or safe bet. In the game of Sic Bo, the game dice are rolled out of a casino dice shaker.

If you’re playing at a live dealer Sic Bo game online, you have to pick the bet you want from the large betting table on the gaming surface. Like in other live dealer games, you can place as many different bets as you want. Players win by betting on the combinations that come up on the three dice.  IN the online live dealer version of Sic Bo, winning bets glow on the table, preventing you from missing out on a winning bet.

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Sic Bo Payouts

Sic Bo is a strange live dealer game because there is no standard payout table like with other table games. Having said that, most casinos use the same sort of payout schedule for all Sic Bo games, including live dealer Sic Bo games online. For example, casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City use the same payout rules even though those two gambling Meccas are thousands of miles apart. Sic Bo games in Australia and New Zealand use a completely different pay schedule, for example.

Before you plunk your money down at a live Sic Bo game, make sure you know how the pay schedule works and what you can expect to win for different bets and combinations. Like other live dealer games, a Sic Bo table with smaller payouts means better odds, and a payout schedule with lucrative rewards probably stacks the deck more against the player. 

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