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Although many people have seen or are aware of the game of craps, many players are unaware of how the game is played or how winnings are determined by roll of the dice.


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Craps is a very enjoyable game and that can be noticed from the players who are participating in the game. This game offers much more excitement than the standard or more known casino games such as roulette and blackjack. One reason for this is because of the many different variables with different names such as “snake eyes” which is the result of two 1's being rolled.


If you are someone who is unfamiliar with the game of Craps or if you are curious to play without any risk, the link below will locate you to the game hosted by RTG (Real Time Gaming) for no cost and also no required download.


If after a while you feel you're more asserted to the games rules and feeling lucky, you can then register by using the button in the top left corner, this will then enable you to register and deposit to play for real. Secure payment is made through the following methods; Visa, American Expess, MasterCard, Neteller and others.


Players from the United States are also welcome to play either the money or free versions of the game.

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