Online Casinos that Activated Bitcoin Lightning Network as a Deposit Option for Players

The Lightning Network is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Bitcoin blockchain that stands out from the rest due to its high level of compatibility with Bitcoin (BTC) and its capacity to generate extra utility value. 

Bitcoin Lightning Network

There are many advantages to using the Lightning Network with online casinos, including:

  • Instant payments without the need to wait for block confirmations.
  • Advanced security enforced by blockchain smart-contracts.
  • Lightning-fast payments taking only milliseconds to seconds.
  • Low transaction fees which open up the possibility for micropayments.


Lightning Network Casinos 

Gambling with cryptocurrency through this new Lightning Network is now available on a large number of online casino websites, though these are yet to be verified and cannot be recommended for a secure gambling experience. 

Our list of reliable casinos below offers players the quickest possible deposits and withdrawals, with payouts being delivered in a mere 60 seconds due to the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Our Top Recommended Bitcoin Lightning Network Gaming Sites

Creating an account with these casinos is a simple process; once completed, you can use the 'Send' button located in the wallet tab to open the Lightning Network option. For ease of use, the QR code scanner will quickly pull up the recipient's Bitcoin Lightning address.


Lightning Network Muun Wallet

The Muun wallet is the perfect answer to harnessing the potential of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It is a self-custodial wallet that enables users to hold complete control of their Bitcoin funds. It also combines ease of use with unparalleled security for both new and experienced Bitcoin users, allowing them to choose between the classic Bitcoin blockchain or the faster, fee-less Lightning Network.


Wallet of Satoshi 

The Wallet of Satoshi simplifies payments by allowing you to utilize both the Bitcoin Lightning Network and the regular Bitcoin Network with a single wallet. It swiftly identifies which network to send funds with, be it via scanning a QR code or inputting a Bitcoin link.

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