Brand New Live Dealer Roulette Tournament

Live Roulette Tournament - April 15th through May 31st, 2014


if you consider yourself a competitor and you don't like to lose then this is the tournament for you. You will be able to try out your skills against every other member of Fairway Casino and try to get the top spot and claim the winning prize of €2,000 in On April 15th, Fairway Casino introducing a brand new live roulette tournament. The total cash prize being handed out is €3,250 , so there is no reason why you cant get your share. The first 20th spots in the ranking will get a cash amount deposited into their account. Here is the set up for the cash prizes:

  • 1st Place €2,000 Cash Prize
  • 2nd Place: €500 Cash Prize
  • 3rd through 5th Place: €100 Cash prize
  • 6th through 10th Place: €50 Cash Prize
  • 11th though 20th Place: €20 Cash Prize

Its very simple to compete, all you have to do is play any of the live roulette games at Fairway Casino for real money from April 15th through May 31st.  All of your real money bets will count as points in the tournament. For example, if you wager €50 on a number you will be awarded 50 points, regardless if you win or lose the bet. The more you play the more points you accumulate for the tournament. You will receive daily emails letting you know of your current position and how everybody else is doing compared to you.
It’s a fun way to be competitive and earn some extra money at the same time! If you have any questions please feel free to ask us!
Enjoy the challenge and thrills of the live roulette tournament.
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