Rich Casino offers Pound Gold Bar in its Golden Raffle Promo

Rich Casino lives up to its name by offering its players a luxury experience and the chance to win 2 pounds of pure gold in its Golden Raffle.  There’s one ticket available for every $100 worth of deposit all June.

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Win 2 pounds of pure gold

Earn one ticket for every $100 deposited

Casino enthusiasts have the opportunity to get rich this June courtesy Rich Casino’s Golden Raffle. The casino is giving away a 2 pound, 24 karat pure gold bar. To be eligible for the raffle all you need is to make a $100 or more deposit. A $100 deposit is worth one raffle ticket while there are three raffle tickets up for grabs on every $200 deposit. To increase your chances of winning you can make a $500 deposit and earn 10 tickets while 30 tickets are all yours on deposits worth $1,000. There’s a whopping 100 tickets on $2,500 deposits while high rollers top the list with 500 tickets to be had on a total of $5,000 in deposits.

Get closer to becoming richer with every deposit

The more that players deposit, the greater the chances of winning the Golden Raffle while there is always the chance of taking home a tidy sum playing a wide range of games at Rich Casino. This includes classic slots, video slots, video poker, table games, and more. For every $100 you are guaranteed 1 ticket and a step closer to winning the Golden Raffle. The winner, picked randomly, will be announced on July 1, 2005 so make the most of it by making real money deposits and playing your favorite games at Rich Casino all this month. Who knows, you could be the next doodlebugger21, the first player to win this top class prize.

doodlebugger21 did have some great advice for slot lovers. Don’t give up, you could possibly hit the jackpot. Play with a level head and you could win the next raffle. To make the most of every deposit it is always prudent to check promotions that are currently running. The Golden Raffle is only one of them. For details on how to extend your dollar playing your favorite casino games, visit Rich Casino today.



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