BetSoftGaming Brings You the Ultimate Heist Slot on Your Mobile Device Now

BetSoftGaming has been providing online casino fans with some really solid games over the years, games that come with high quality 3D graphics and excellent sound effects. One such game from their stables was Heist, and now they have a version of this superb game for mobile devices as well. Watching this video ad of the game gives you a feel of how good they are in terms of visuals, storytelling, and above all, delivering a fun and exciting online slot experience.

Heist is a 5-reel video slot with 30 paylines and is themed on a bank job. The protagonist of the game, Neil Quailand, is a professional bank robber who has never been caught in 7 years. The opening line of the game says it all, “Neil Quailand takes down scores. That’s what he does.’ It is like something straight out of Hollywood, and the game manages to retain that high level of quality throughout.

The game is simple; the player becomes Neil Quailand and his mission is simple: pull off the final heist: a $9 million job at a bank. The characters, as you see them in the video, are almost life-like. There is Quailand, and there is his arch-enemy, Detective Kowalski, who has been chasing him for seven long years. And then there are the usual bank staples: cash, diamonds, vaults, high quality locking systems, and also bank blueprints.

The game is fun to play and suspense-filled, as you see in the promo. And the best thing, the mobile version lets you play it any time, any place, on your mobile device.

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