Craps Tips and Strategies for Beginners - II

Craps is a fun game that is one of the most popular at every casino that offers it. Online casinos too offer this cool game to players across the world. There are different aspects to playing craps at a land-based casino, or an online casino for that matter. Players need to know the different parts of the table, the role of the dealer, how the game is played, the different kinds of bets in this game, and the different strategies they can employ.

In the first video of this series, directed at beginners, we learned about the basics of the craps table, the dealers and their responsibilities, and went through a few of the basic bets in the game. This is the second video in the series and here we are taken through two major bets in the game of craps – the pass line bet and the place bet. Here we discuss what the pass line bet is, what are the odds available for a pass line bet, and also what a place bet is and how you go about making one. We are also taken through that important aspect of any casino game – the payout.

The video starts, like the first one in the series, with a shot of the craps table, and then goes on to discuss the different aspects just mentioned earlier.

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