Craps Tips and Strategies for Beginners - V

In the earlier videos of this series on craps tips and strategies for beginners, we talked about the game itself, bets that are frequently used, and some of the strategies that you can employ to win more at craps. The previous video in this series dealt with the Iron Cross strategy. In this video, we talk about the 22 Inside strategy and discuss different ways to play it when you are at a casino and getting ready to play craps there.

The 22 Inside strategy is usually considered a low-risk strategy that you can use on multiple numbers. It is a good strategy to consider if you are the kind of craps player that likes to take the game slow, because it ensures steadier winnings, even if the wins are not huge ones. This strategy comes with a low house edge, which automatically means a greater degree of stability for the player. That is what makes this strategy a favorite for many professional players as well, not just beginners or amateurs.

The strategy uses the term ‘inside’ as it is on the numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9. The strategy involves making place bets – four of them – on the numbers listed above. You will learn more about this strategy when you go through this video and see the game being played out using this strategy on the screen.

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