Fun Game of Blackjack with Jason Statham and Jimmy Fallon

Blackjack is a game that is very popular among gambling fans the world over. Enter the online casino and its popularity only soared. The online casino brought blackjack right into a player’s home; if you are a blackjack fan now you could play this amazing game without moving from your home as long as you had an internet connection. The popularity of blackjack is because of a number of factors; the most important factor among all being the fact that this is a game that involves skill. This is a game that you can play really well, but you need to be skilled at it.

There are different variations of blackjack you get to play at online casinos. All of these versions are exciting games that involve skill to a high degree. You can play the game even if you are not skilled at it as long as you know the rules, but chances are you will lose more than you win when you play this way. Of course, a number of fun versions around and they are not connected with casino play in the true sense of the term. This video is one such and involves two well-known names in the entertainment and movie business: Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show and Hollywood superstar Jason Statham.

The video is shot on the sets of The Tonight Show and involves the two players mentioned above participating in a unique game of blackjack with very high stakes. The winner gets to smack the loser across the face with a giant hand! Watch the video and enjoy the sight of the two having a go at each other.

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