Learning about the Payments in Craps

Gambling is thought to be as old as human civilization itself; there were dice games played in ancient Egypt way back in 2600BC. Different gambling games have developed over time from these dice games, with these games branching out into variations depending on the location where they are being played. Craps is one such game, and is thought to have evolved from a game called Hazard, a dice game. This game is extremely popular at land-based casinos across the world, and is now catching on in popularity in online casinos as well.

Craps is a popular game, but to be able to play it well you need to know it well, as is the case with every other game you like to play. There are different things about craps that you need to know – the different parts of the table and what they represent, the different kinds of bets you can choose from, and the different strategies you can adopt. There are a couple of other things you should know about to be able to play craps well: the game keeping in mind your position at a craps table (if you are playing at a land-based casino) and more importantly, the payouts. You need to know the order of payments you are likely to receive from the house.

This video discusses three important things: your placement, your position at the table, and also the different payments that you will get from the table. Watch it for a better understanding of the game.

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