Learning Roulette Strategy from 007!

Roulette has been one game that has had an aura about it from the very beginning. It is a game that finds mention in books and has also been seen in movies out of Hollywood. The roulette table, the spinning wheel, the people flocked around the table, and their reactions as the wheel finally stops spinning and the ball finally lands on a number – all of this is the stuff high drama is made of, and it has contributed significantly to the allure of the game.

Roulette is also a game that needs a bit of strategy. Of course, there is nothing wrong with just walking up to a roulette table, picking a number or set of numbers at random, and placing your bets on them. However, when it is your money on the line, it may not be such a good idea! There are different strategies available to help you maximize your winnings at roulette; or, to put it more appropriately, to minimize your losses as much as possible.

So how would you feel if you got advice on roulette strategy from 007 "James Bond" himself? His favorite casino game may have been baccarat, but he has some pretty good roulette strategy as well! Watch this interesting video to learn more about this cool roulette strategy from Bond himself.

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