Microgaming Gives One of Its Most Popular Slots, Loaded, a Makeover

If you are a slots fan, there is no way you could miss out on Microgaming's Loaded slot. It is one of its most popular slots and for good reason. Now Microgaming has given this cool slot a makeover, one that is guaranteed to take it to new heights of popularity and likeability. This promo was created to advertise the upgraded game, and does a fantastic job of it. The promo basically walks you through the games and its exciting features, giving you a complete visual tutorial of what to expect.

The new rehashed Loaded HD comes with some really cool graphics, great sound effects, reel symbols that are animated, and also the supercool Stop Spin feature. The upgraded Loaded HD does not deviate too much from the original, for that is what pulled in the crowds. However, it has some enhancements and will be released on the brand new console from Microgaming. The game has a groovy soundtrack, which you can hear throughout the promo, and some great images that come with enhanced multimedia. The functionality has been upgraded to include tiered big wins – Big Win, Super Big Win, and Mega Big Win. There is also the cool Achievements section that is now unlocked. You also get to see the top and most recent wins, and can also see your coins and credits.

So all you have to do now is watch the promo and head to your favorite Microgaming casino to check it out and give it a spin.

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