Microgaming Pulls Another Winner Out of Its Hat with the Rabbit in the Hat Slot

Microgaming has stayed on top of its game and the top of the online gambling software pile by providing players and operators regularly with top-of-the-line games on a regular basis. All Microgaming games come with amazing graphics, great sound, and loads of features, which is what every online casino fan looks for. And it is all set to pull another rabbit out of its hat, literally, with its Rabbit in the Hat slot game, which is set for launch in April 2015.

Rabbit in the Hat is a new video slot offering from Microgaming that has 5 reels and comes with 9 paylines. The game is Microgaming all the way, with some cool graphics and sound effects, excellent animations, and great features including 3 magic hat prizes, cash hats, free spins, and a possible win of up to 90,000.

The opening shot of the promo gives away what the slot is going to be, as a magician stands smugly and pulls out a grinning rabbit from a hat. It walks you through the game, its on-screen text giving the viewer the information they seek about the game, of wondrous wins, magical cash prizes, free spins with the cool magic hat feature, and much more.

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