Net Entertainment Set to Bring the Chills to Your Mobile Device with the Dracula Mobile Slot

Last week, we had talked about the impending release of the new Net Entertainment video slot, Dracula, in collaboration with Universal Studios. Today, we bring to you news of the release of the same slot on the mobile platform. Net Entertainment is set to bring the chills to you right through your mobile device on the same day as the online slot of the same name is to be released: 23rd April 2015. With this, Net Entertainment maintains its status as the online/mobile gambling software outfit that brings some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters to you in the form of exciting and cutting edge slots. The promo here is a quick look at this amazing mobile slot.

The Dracula online slot was previewed at ICE 2015, and now the mobile version is about to go live as well. The game is based on the 1931 blockbuster of the same name. The movie was based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a book that has achieved cult status among readers worldwide. This game is a 5-reel game with 40 paylines spread across 4 reels. The movie gives you the chills, but the game gives you chills as well as thrills, with a range of exciting features such as the superb Bat feature, free spins, stack wild symbols, and so much more.

You know the promo is about the mobile slot because the screen you see is the screen of a mobile device, a smartphone. It quickly takes you through the different aspects of game play, and the quality of gaming is what you would expect from someone like Net Entertainment, of absolutely high quality. You get to see all the different features as well in the promo, which means you have a fair idea of how the game works by the time you get it on your mobile device after the game is launched.

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