Playing Blackjack with your Imaginary Friend the Aussie Way

Blackjack is one of those games that are considered more cerebral compared to a lot of other gambling games. That is because this is a game that involves skill; you need to really know how to play to be able to be fantastic at it and keep a commendable win-loss ratio. While the online casino allowed you to play this awesome game from the comfort of your home, and later allowed you to experience the experience of playing at a real table with the live blackjack variant of the game, the mobile casino took it one step further and allowed you to play it anywhere and at any time on your mobile device.

There are a lot of interesting videos floating around about blackjack and how to play it. There are videos about the different blackjack tournaments, about the strategies you can employ, and about the legal and not-so-legal things you could do to win. We thought we would bring you something different, something simple and yet very directly related to the game, and hence this video.

This is a video that is a role-play demo of the game. The dealer plays the game traditionally, with a single deck of cards, with an imaginary mate (he is Aussies, obviously, hence the usage). The video starts with the player setting the scenario with the voice over and then goes on to show an imaginary game, complete with the deal, the different options he and the other player have, and more. Watch this video to get that feeling of playing blackjack with your buddies once again!

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