Playtech launches live casino game shows in the US.

Playtech is set to introduce its live casino game show format to the US market, complete with a dedicated studio in New Jersey. The debut game, 'Adventures Beyond Wonderland,' featuring characters from the 'Alice in Wonderland' series, will offer an augmented reality experience with real-time interactions with both the game and hosts. Having already launched in several global markets, including the UK, the game will be available to players 24/7. Playtech Live's CEO, Edo Haitin, expressed excitement about providing the first "true" game show experience in the US and believes that the trend of immersive and entertaining live casino content is set to continue and expand further across the US and beyond.

Playtech's venture into the US live casino game show format promises a unique and engaging experience for players. 'Adventures Beyond Wonderland' combines gaming with augmented reality, immersing players in a fantasy world. The game's successful track record in various global markets indicates a strong potential for popularity in the US as well. Edo Haitin emphasized the importance of providing cutting-edge and experiential content to meet players' expectations and fuel the growth of live casino entertainment. Playtech's ambitious plans to expand further globally indicate their commitment to capitalizing on the rising demand for interactive gaming experiences.

With the launch of 'Adventures Beyond Wonderland' and plans for continued expansion, Playtech aims to solidify its position in the live casino industry. The company recognizes that live casino gaming is not only a part of the gambling industry but also an essential component of the entertainment sector. As players seek more engaging and interactive experiences, Playtech's innovative approach could contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of live casino entertainment. By combining gaming with augmented reality and incorporating beloved characters from classic tales, Playtech aims to deliver a captivating and enjoyable game show experience to players, keeping them coming back for more.

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