Promo for Microgaming's Golden Era Slot - Paying a Golden Tribute to Hollywood's Golden Era

The promo for Microgaming's Golden Era slot is brilliantly conceived and executed in true Microgaming fashion thematic, colorful, and self-explanatory. The game is a 15-payline slot and is themed on vintage Hollywood, or the Golden Era of the movies. The game comes with standard reel symbols themed on Hollywood actors, actresses, camera, and film symbols. There are also scatter and bonus symbols, with the logo symbol doubling up as the wild symbol. Bonuses include free spins and a bonus game.

The promo starts off in classic movie style with the three words that have come to be identified with cinema worldwide Lights, Camera, Action. A tribute to the black and white era of the movies is done through black and white visuals at the beginning, which transition into the color era, with the elements in the visual transforming into full color. The music then explodes and there are the usual flashlights and applause, and strobes too, associated with a Hollywood event.

The Golden Era logo is the wild symbol, as shown in the video, and the next bit of info is about the two bonuses 12 free spins and a double feature bonus. The choice is for the player to make. Then you get to see the features of the 12 free spins bonus and how it plays out. The Double Feature bonus requires the player to pick a movie, and the total win amount is listed in the box at the bottom of the screen. 10 Golden Era symbols trigger the big win, or the jackpot.

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