The Actual Story of the MIT Blackjack Team

Las Vegas has long been considered one of the hottest gambling and entertainment destinations in the whole world. This is where the casinos were, this is the place dreams came true; with a little bit of luck of course. You landed up in Vegas, had fun generally, and hit the casinos running. You played the games on hand and, if you were lucky, hit some big wins at one of the countless slot machines that were around. Unless of course, you were a little more skilled at your gambling, a little more bold, and hit the other games – craps, baccarat, and if you were really skilled, blackjack.

Blackjack has been one of the hottest games here, and drew high rollers in large numbers. Because if you managed to beat the house, you were likely to change the way you lived. For good. And that is all true even today. You may think all of this is stuff for a good movie, and a damn good movie has been made about this as well, with some of the biggest stars of Hollywood. However, there was actually a team that was most feared when it came to blackjack in the 1990s. And this was not a team of your regular high rollers; they were students of MIT.

This video is a documentary that details the actual story about the MIT blackjack team. This team of extraordinarily intelligent and gifted students used their intelligence and knowledge to actually break Vegas and take the casinos for millions of dollars. Watch this extraordinary video to learn the truth about the MIT blackjack team and their story.

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