Tips on Using Microgaming's Inter-Galactic Hero to Score Big in the Max Damage Slot

Microgaming is a name that has become synonymous with regular launches of mouth-watering slots and other casino games right from the time it was established in 1994. There have been countless games that have become fan favorites over the years. One game that was launched in November 2014 and has all the bearings of a Microgaming classic is the Max Damage slot.

This promo gives you an idea of what the game is like, but how do you play this cool slot? You basically don the role of Max Damage and go about destroying all alien spaceships that you come across. You need to do this before they shoot you down or worse, crash into your ship. There is a minimum coin size you need to bet each time you attempt to get into the shoot-out and spin the wheel. There are of course rewards for shooting the aliens down; destroying a single craft could get you up to 25 times the amount you bet, depending on how well you do it. On the flip side, you could also end up with nothing.

The game promo kicks off with the hero twirling his ray gun and the perfect wink and nod of someone who means business. The game comes with Wild symbols, free spins, and a bonus round that gets triggered at the end of specific levels – 3, 6, and 9. The game comes with a maximum of 9 levels, so you need to make the best of what you have before you reach the end. In the bonus round, you need to take a shot at the Boss and achieving this gives you a multiplier as well.

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