Try a New Form of Blackjack: FIFA Blackjack!

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games worldwide today. You get to play it not just at land-based casinos but also at countless online casinos. The steep spike in the game™s popularity has many reasons, one of the biggest being the arrival of the online casino. The immense popularity of the game has resulted in it being used for cross-promotional activities; now there are other sports and related entities that use the game to promote themselves and their events. Need an example? FIFA Blackjack, which you will learn about in this video, is a very good one!

The game of FIFA Blackjack that you see in this video involves three players the host Nep, Jessie, and AA 9 Skills playing blackjack. The host is also the dealer, and the other two players would be playing against him. The game has additional rules to be followed along with the usual blackjack rules. Some of these are listed below.

Each player gets 5 hands and 1 million coins per hand. The cards are dealt from a pack that has player images with individual ratings, and the Face card determines which card a player gets. The rest is more or less like regular blackjack, in terms of the rules as well as the bets that you can place. The video is fun and gives an interesting to watch, and the camaraderie between the players makes it even more enjoyable than the scores of other serious blackjack videos you see on the Internet.

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