What Makes Microgaming a Leader - This Promo Tells You About It

We all have read and heard about the industry leader in online gambling software development – Microgaming. We know it as the company that puts out high quality games year after year with robotic precision. But there is one thing: it is finally a company of people, and that is one side we have never stopped to think of or got to see. This promo about the year 2014 at Microgaming gives you an idea of how things work there and gives you a feel of that core fact: a company, regardless of how successful it is, finally works because of the people in it.

The video starts with a man getting into the office, switching on the lights, making some coffee and then people collecting. The messaging starts then, about it being the time to celebrate because of the great year 2014 has been for them. The achievements throughout the year are then listed out, and done very creatively, by using post-it notes to go with the feel and environment of the office. For instance, there is one note that says ‘We launched 167 NEW casino games’ – the messaging is direct and self-explanatory and extended to a list of notes to convey a larger message that listed some of the games launched.

The entire promo is structured beautifully, using the different elements of an office and the different activities that people can engage in – post-it notes, the people in the office, and groups of people chatting, meeting, and playing games – to convey the message. The messaging is clear: it is a place of achievement and also a fun workplace, the smiling, happy, and dancing people are clear indicators of that. The promo is fun and gives an insight into what it is like working at Microgaming. Watch it, you may even end up in that office before you know it!

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