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Slots are now the most popular form of gaming in the world. At classicasinos.com we have brought together free versions of the most engaging and fun slots available, so you can try them for free without risking any of your own money.


The aim of any slot machine is to match winning symbols across rows, to create a pay-out. The more symbols you match the higher your jackpot will likely be. Pay tables, which list all of the winning symbols and their prizes, can easily be found within the game.

Many slots will feature special rules and symbols which give you more options to win. For example wild symbols, a feature of many slots, can substitute for any other symbol to make a winning combination. The pay table and additional features of a slot determine how large and frequent the pay-outs are so trying a variety of slot games will help you find the one for you.

Perhaps the greatest attractions of slots games to new players are their simplicity and potentially huge jackpots. In recent years increasing numbers of ‘progressive’ or ‘networked’ slot machines have come to the market, with greater jackpots than ever before. In these games the jackpot grows whenever the slot is played until one winner scoops the top prize; which can grow to 6 or 7 figure amounts. You can find a free version of Cleopatra’s Gold, one of the largest progressive jackpots, in our games listing.

Once you’re comfortable with playing these games, why not try our home page where you’ll find the latest and greatest offers from some of the world’s leading online casinos. Playing with the right bonus can improve both your enjoyment of the game and value for money so be sure to look around and find the perfect offer for you.

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