Multibanco - Portuguese Bank Network For Deposits At Online Casinos

A list of online casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls that uses Multibanco as a deposit option for their players.


Multibanco is a fully-integrated inter-bank network. It links the ATMs of 27 banks in Portugal. Multibanco is simple to use. Just visit the cashier section of the casino and select the MB Multibanco payment option. Enter the amount that you want to deposit and confirm the details. You will then need to select to deposit through an ATM or through online banking. If you deposit through an ATM, enter the reference number you are provided with and the customer reference number. If you select to use online banking, you will be able to access online banking and to perform the transaction through your bank's site.


Multibanco Advantages

The Multibanco system is the most common and convenient way for you to use your bank account if you are from Portugal. If players have multiple different account, using the Multibanco card gives you access to more than 25 banks around Portugal ensuring that you will always have easy access to your money. The method is secure with the use of a security code that must be used when completing transactions. This means that no-one will be able to use the card, but you.


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