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Internet shopping was never that easy and secure. Shopping over the internet has become a major thing in our world. PaySafeCard is a company that believes they have a solution and are currently offering it in Europe.

Based on an IBM technology, The services provides a prepaid payment card for the web shopping, as well as for use with telephones and mobile services. There are no hidden costs or fees then using PaySafeCard. You can buy PaySafeCard at your local tabacco store, filling stations, and many internet cafes. When you buy online, PaySafeCard gets your requrest, see if the amount is OK, approve your transaction (no fees), and pass the money to the merchant.

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"It's a simple, secure, anonymous form of payment," explains the CEO of paysafecard. "It benefits anyone who does not own a credit card or is unwilling to use a credit card on the Web." Reliable, secure platform key to success The paysafecard concept is now honored by most leading Web merchants in Austria. While issues with privacy and security were stumbling blocks, so was the simplicity of the system. No one from distributors to merchants to consumers wanted to add anything to their PCs, such as hardware installations and software downloads. 

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