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Smart professional poker player and a gorgeous poker babe to boot, Liz Lieu has earned herself the nickname of the “Poker Diva” in the industry. Lieu is a highly skilled Vietnamese poker player who managed to come in at fifth place in the first World Series Of Poker event that she attended.


In addition to her good looks and terrific poker skills at the green table, Liz Lieu also speaks three languages namely: Vietnamese, Chinese and English. Although she was born in Vietnam, Lieu prefers to live in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She has also been known to spend some time across the pond in the beautiful city of London. Liz Lieu loves to play Texas Hold’em and enjoy the no limit variety of this poker game.


Early Life


Liz Lieu was born in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam on the 2nd of August in 1974. She learned to speak both Vietnamese and Chinese because her father was from Vietnam while her mother is Chinese. The family moved to America when Lieu was juts a baby and settled in Colorado where Lieu grew up. Lieu also has an older sister named Tanya to whom she looks up to and is very close to. Liz Lieu


Poker Career


Lieu was first introduced to the game of poker when she was 13 years old and a group of friends invited her to a game of Chinese poker. Lieu was excited by the game on account of her competitive nature and soon began playing more poker games.


Poker became a regular part of her life and in the 1990’s she set up a home game with her friends.  However, when Lieu’s father had a heart attack, the kind-hearted and loyal Lieu asked her parents to stop working and went professional with her poker game.


Lieu then attacked the gaming scene in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and inflated her bankroll while supporting her parents. She later moved to Vegas and began to play in slightly bigger circles.


Lieu’s big break came in the form of encouragement from fellow poker player and friend John Phan. Phan wanted Lieu to play at the WSOP 2005, which she did. Lieu ended up winning $168,000 in prize money when she came in fifth in the WSOP $1500 no-limit hold'em event.


The Vietnamese poker player also participated in a few other WSOP poker games and came in 12th taking in cash prizes in a $3000 poker event as well. Lieu did not stop there as she was on roll, she hit the 2005 Festa Al Lago tourney at the Bellagio and then went on to play at 2 other poker events in the series. For her efforts, Lieu took home an additional $80,000.

The stylish poker player who earned herself the title “Poker Diva” on account of her great sense of fashion, has also participated in the World Poker Tour, of which she cashed in twice, the LA Classic Poker event, the Five Diamond World Poker Classic and the reputed Gold Strike World Poker Open.



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