Blaze Poker

What is Blaze Poker?


Inspired by the roaring success of Zoom Poker, a variant of high-speed online poker at PokerStars, Microgaming released its own speed poker variant called Blaze Poker on May 17, 2012. Blaze Poker is available at Microgaming online poker rooms such as Ladbrokes Poker, Stan James Poker, and BetVictor. In fact, Stan James was the first Microgaming skin to introduce Blaze Poker into its portfolio.

Exciting Features

Players familiar with Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker and PokerStars’ Zoom Poker will find it easy to understand Blaze Poker. The game bears a striking similarity to Rush Poker and Zoom Poker.

Players who join a game of Blaze Poker will find themselves playing in a player pool and moving from one table to the other, playing hand after hand at top speed. This feature delivers the unbeatable speed poker experience where players need no longer wait for a poker table. Besides, they can almost play anonymously as their opponents keep changing with every poker hand played.


Blaze Poker

Microgaming calls its Blaze Poker product the “best of breed” and promises that it will deliver a seamless gaming experience, enabling players to play as many as 300 poker hands per hour at breakneck speed. Speaking about the new product, Lydia Melton, Microgaming’s network games head, said that Blaze Poker will be smoothly integrated into the client software, delivering an unbeatable speed poker experience. Calling it a brand new way to play the traditional game of poker, she said that Microgaming is proud to release such as product into the market.

How Blaze Poker Works

When players join a game of Blaze Poker, they will find themselves playing in a large pool of poker players. They can fold their hands whenever they wish, even when it is not their turn. As soon as they do this, the software places them at a new table and deals them a new hand. This simply means that players do not have to wait between tables. Blaze Poker is equal to continuous, unlimited, and fast poker action.

Since Blaze Poker is integrated into the poker gaming client, players do not have to download any software program to get started. They can gain access to Blaze Poker games by visiting the games lobby, hit on the Blaze Poker tab, and select their game.

Other Blaze Poker Information

One of the most interesting features of Blaze Poker is Quick Fold, which enables players to fold their hands and get a new table even if it is not yet their turn to act. Initially, players might wonder if they can cope with the speed of the game, but they need not worry because the response time at Blaze Poker tables is equal to that at the cash game tables. Besides, there is a Time Bank, which players can increase after playing a specific number of hands at the table.

If players can handle it, they can join multiple Blaze Poker tables. The software is so sophisticated that it prevents multiple entries from the same player getting the same table. 

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