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Tips to improve your play in Zoom Poker


Players who have played Rush Poker on Full Tilt Poker can easily play and enjoy Zoom Poker on PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room. However, those who are unfamiliar with the concept of high-speed poker might experience a dizzy feeling when they are playing Zoom Poker for the first time.

Zoom Poker, available only on PokerStars, is an online variant of high-speed poker, which enables players to play on as many as 4 tables and as many as 300 hands per hour. Instead of playing against a set of fixed opponents at one poker table, Zoom Poker players will be playing in a pool of players against multiple opponents and at multiple tables.

As soon as players fold a hand, they will be assigned to a fresh poker table and dealt a fresh hand, an attractive feature that eliminates the need to wait for tables and makes the game move at breakneck speeds. Zoom Poker players can lose piles of cash if they are careless or unlucky; on the other hand, they can make piles of cash or earn plenty of loyalty points if they play their cards right.

Avoid Multi Tabling

Multi tabling is no fun for inexperienced Zoom Poker players. Players who are attempting Zoom Poker for the first time should avoid making multiple entries and spend some time getting used to the game speed. However, once they know Zoom Poker inside out, they can have a few adventures by making multiple entries into the game.


Zoom Poker Multi tabling

Track Hands Carefully

Since Zoom Poker moves at a rapid pace, new players might simply not find the time to study their table position, number of opponents, chip stacks, poker tells, and so on. But this is important information, and players should take a few seconds to note these details whenever they start playing at a new table.

Play Tightly

Experts advise beginners to play as tightly as possible. Players should avoid taking chances with poor or mediocre hands; instead, they should fold them immediately and move to the next table. Players can also use the Fast Fold option to fold out of turn and increase the speed of the game.

In Zoom Poker, only the player at the big blind cannot use the Fast Fold option, but has to stay put till it is his/her turn to act. Several Zoom Poker players, therefore, employ a loose gaming style while playing the big blind.

Watch Opponents Carefully

If one of the opponents in the late table position did not use the Quick Fold option, it means that he/she has a good hand that might win him/her the jackpot. In such cases, playing a mediocre hand would not be of much use.

Although beginners might feel that there is no time in Zoom Poker, they must maintain notes as they play.

Keep an Eye on the Bankroll

If players are not careful, Zoom Poker can quickly deplete their bankroll. To avoid nasty surprises, players should manage their bankrolls carefully and know exactly when to quit.


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