Keeping Personal Info Safe in Poker Rooms

Things that any player should consider before joining a poker room


It is possible to do almost anything online and more and more players are used to handling all aspects of their lives through the Internet. The respectable online poker rooms claim that their handling of personal information is just as safe as what online banks provide. This is true in many ways but poker players need to consider that online gambling could lead to losing a lot of money. When big money moving fast is a stake one needs to be extremely aware of what security measures are in place. Here are a few basic things that any player should consider before joining a poker room.


Choosing a Serious Poker Room

The first step towards keeping your personal information safe, when playing poker online, is to pick a serious poker room. To determine which poker room will deliver the best security you should read reviews and see what other players say about it. Check if the poker portal is careful about details such as email. If your email is given out easily to third parties you could risk a lot of unwanted email and perhaps even less attractive surprises. The best poker rooms ensure their players of keeping all private details secret and safe.


Encryption and Technology

In online poker rooms players have to rely on technology for their personal info to stay safe.  It is not enough that the poker room announces that it is safe. You must also check what is said about the software that powers it. Many poker sites confirm that their software use the 128-bit secure socket layers technology. This is a good sign and it means that the security is at the same level as with the major financial institutions online. Online technology can be a bit difficult to understand by the layman and therefore it is good to check if the poker site is reviewed by a third party that knows how to test the security.


Downloading the Software

When you choose to download the software of a poker room you need to consider the risks involved. Even if the poker portal is safe there can be hackers busy hijacking the download. If your computer gets a virus it is not only the information that you chose to share with the poker room that is in danger. You will also risk having other sensitive information leak out. Stay updated on what is going on with viruses and online casinos so that you don’t make the mistake of downloading software that is known to be troublesome.


Playing Directly Online

The obvious solution to unwanted viruses might seem to be direct play online in your browser. While this is true in many cases it is not always the fool proof solution. Playing by registering with the poker portal directly in your browser also includes sending sensitive information. You want to check this type of poker site just as thoroughly as you would the download version. MAC owners often play directly online and they can usually be a bit more relaxed since viruses and intrusion schemes are rare for this type of platform.


Customer Service

A very important part of providing a safe environment for players to play in is the customer service. There are always real people behind the online casino and they must have a high level of integrity and understanding to put the player’s security in focus. Good customer service should not only know how to answer your questions about money transfers and data transactions. They must also give you the feeling that they care and personally try to keep your information safe and secure. It is always a good idea to read the poker room’s FAQ and get in touch with them before signing up as this gives a good indication of their level of security.


Responsibility of the Player

All responsibility of personal safety does not fall on the poker room. The player must also make sure to take the precautions necessary to ensure safe Internet use. It is crucial to have firewalls and software that checks for viruses. These components must also be updated with regular intervals and sometimes completely discarded for better products. It is fairly easy to secure the computer and it is well worth it considering what lurks out there on the World Wide Web!


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