Safe Withdrawal Methods for Poker Rooms

How to Withdraw your winnings


For a new poker player it might take some time before a withdrawal of funds becomes reality. Not that a player shouldn’t expect to win but when the prizes are smaller it makes more sense to leave the winning in the poker account to play for. There are many safe Withdraw methods for online poker rooms and players are usually able to use the same method that they deposited with. To determine just which withdrawal method is the safest for you it is important that you consider what the poker room recommends.


Pay Outs and Recommendations

Poker rooms are eager to keep all of their transactions secure and even though they are less happy to part with money they do put a lot of effort in making withdrawals just as safe as deposits. Pay outs should always be swift and on time. To know if the poker room has a good pay out history in general you can check what other players say about it in player forums online. Check what the poker room recommends. The withdrawal methods that they suggest are usually the best choices since you know that they maintain special contact with the company that provides it.


Credit Cards

It is rare to find poker rooms that will agree to make withdrawals to credit cards, at least not if you look at the major cards available in the deposit section. You might find local credit cards in the list of withdrawal methods but they might come with specific restrictions and fees. Even if you find the credit card to be the swiftest way of funding your online gaming you should consider using another method for withdrawals to ensure best security and safety for your money.



E-wallets are arguably the safest withdrawal methods around. Many poker rooms and online casinos have special arrangement with the major e-wallet companies. This lets players enjoy special bonuses and swift processing when using one of them. If you already made your deposit through the e-wallet it is really a simple thing to also make the withdrawal the same way. It is not advisable to keep your winnings in the e-wallet account. To use the e-wallet safely you should make sure that it is just a way of transferring your money. As soon as you get the withdrawn money into your e-wallet you should make the effort to move it to a safer place like your bank account or pocket.


Bank Transfers

Direct money wires, bank transfers, from the poker room to your bank account is very safe but not the best option for other reasons. Many poker rooms take an extra fee for making a bank transfer of prize money. If you won a lot of money you might feel that the fee is worth it considering the safety you’ll get. For smaller amounts it is probably better to use another just as safe withdrawal method that will also let you get your hands on the money faster.


Keeping Track of the Transactions

To maintain a safe use of withdrawal methods you need to keep track of the transactions that you are making between your bank account, e-wallet and poker account. Make sure to get statements with the transactions that you made each month and keep these as a reference. Keeping track of how much you withdraw and comparing it to how much you deposit can also be a very important tool for keeping your poker money management healthy and safe.


Technology and Customer Service

To make a withdrawal of your poker winnings the poker room need to know many sensitive details that should be well protected while in transfer. To ensure safe withdrawals and deposits the poker sites employ encryption. This way you don’t have to worry about hackers getting the information about you and your bank account. All though the safety in the online poker rooms is usually very good you might run into issues that need to be resolved fast. For this purpose the 24/7 customer service is crucial for safe withdrawals. The poker room needs to be there for you at all hours and they should also get back with an answer fast.


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