Safe Deposit Methods in Poker Rooms

How an online poker player’s money can be kept safe


Studies have shown that the average online poker player is not wasting huge amounts of money on his hobby. Even so, poker does require some kind of input if you want to participate in the best games and stand a chance to win real money. There are many safe deposit methods for poker rooms but players should think twice before they decide which one to use. It is not only the method that determines the safety of the deposit. It is also crucial to look at how the poker rooms handle money transactions and how they record them.


Safety of Transactions

When you send money to your poker account you need to know that the information and money being transfered is guarded by some kind of encryption. There are several ways for poker rooms to keep transactions safe but the most common is the 128-bit encryption technology. It is well worth to make some time for checking how the poker room makes deposits safe. You should also consider what the reputation of their payout is like. Read reviews and see what other players say about money transactions with the poker room you are interested in.


Credit Cards

Credit cards are common fare in most of the world. VISA and MasterCard are perhaps the most popular issuers of credit cards and you will find that they can be used for deposits in almost any poker room. To make this type of deposit safe the poker site will most likely ask for you to verify by fax that you are indeed the holder of the card. This procedure can seem a bit heavy at times but it is really in your best interest that the extra effort for security is made. In many cases the credit card issuer won’t agree for transactions that are meant for online gambling.



When credit cards are out of the picture many players chose to make safe deposits with well known e-wallets. There are plenty of virtual wallets to choose from and among the best known you’ll find companies like Neteller, Moneybookers and Click2Pay. The safety of the e-wallet lies in that you fund it with the amount that you want to use for your gaming. When the money is out your regular bank account is safe from impulsive deposits. E-wallets also give the customer a good overview of transactions and this makes it easier to trace just when and what you spent on your poker games. Some e-wallet cooperates with poker rooms and players get special bonuses if they use them. Funding the e-wallet is usually made through credit cards and each e-wallet has its own security measures for the deposits. This should be looked into carefully before you sign up to use their services.


Bank Transfers

Some say that the safest way to make a deposit to your poker account is through a regular bank transfer. Through a bank transfer your money will go straight from your bank account and into your player account, without any extra hands in the middle. The risky element of bank transfers lay more in how you will handle the urge of making deposits that you shouldn’t. Bank transfers can be a bit inconvenient since they will rely on the process time of your bank but even so you should consider what their easy access might do to your poker money management.



An important part of safe deposits is how much transparency the poker room is working with. The player should ideally be able to see a recorded history of deposits and withdrawals. This can be compared with the records that can be extracted from the other end of the deposit method you are using. Keeping track of deposits by looking over the history is also a good way to manage a healthy poker bank roll.


Customer Service

For safe deposit methods to stay safe and comfortable for the player the poker room must maintain a good customer service. It is important that you can get in touch with the poker staff immediately if you suspect that something is not OK with your deposit. Money matters are sensitive and fast answers are crucial for safety and trust.


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