Different Ways to Trade Binary Options

How Many Different Ways Can I Trade Binary Options


There are a wide range of binary options trade types provided by brokers which you can use as the basis of your trading plan.

Up & Down

This is actually the classic ‘Call/Put option. You determine regardless if the market will be higher or lower compared to the today s market price upon expiry of the option.

If you do think that the asset will finish above the current level on expiry afterwards you would purchase a ‘Call’ option.

If you think that the asset will finish lower than the present level on expiry then you would acquire a ‘Put’ option.

Most brokers will offer option expiries of 1 to four hours all these trades. There is however an increasing variety of expiry times presented by brokers all these option types. At iOption you can select from the end of the day, end of the month and end of the year, there are a wide variety of trades you can make using our long term expiry times.

The payout you receive for in-the-money trades will depend upon the asset you trade and of course the yield which the broker offers for the payout.

Typically you would be expecting to see a return from about 70-90% for these option types.

One Touch Options

The one touch mode gaining in popularity and is now increasingly being offered by many binary brokers.


By having touch option you choose about whether or not you believe that a underlying asset will touch either a higher or lower level target prior to expiration.


The outcome relies upon whether or not the market price doesn't or does attain the target price set at the time of placing until the expiry of the existing option.

These option types are typically offered on a daily basis or at weekends with the broker setting the target distance offered in the option.

Returns offered all these options are similar to the High/ Low option, though you can earn higher of as much as 700% of weekend touch options with many brokers.

60 Second Options

This is one of the newest trading styles offered by iOption. These are exhilarating, heart throbbing trades made quickly with easy fast payouts. Simply decide if the asset of your choice is going to go up or down in the next 60 seconds. They are easy to trade, and offer high payouts. Trade as little as 5$ or more and earn fast rewards. Little risk with high profits and fun at the same time. Just make a choice up or down, watch the graphs as you see the prices tick up or down use your judgment and make a decision. Then start the countdown.

More Trading Styles

There are several other styles including Option Builder, Future Option and the all no Boundary Trades, if you are a person is keeps up on the news, knows a bit about finances, understands a bit about the markets and has strong opinions and good intuitive business skills there is a trade style just right for you


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