Introduction to Binary Options

Learn how easy it is to trade binary options


Binary Option is one of the easiest and lowest risk investment vehicles a trader could look for. The advantages to binary options is that they have minimum risk, high rewards and require just a basic understanding of finances and the markets to make successful trades and earn high profits.

Binary Options is an investment tool that allows you to control an asset for a period of time, and to use that time and control to earn rewards.

Binary Option brokers offer a large variety of assets to trade, including (fx) currency, stocks, indices and commodities. These range from the euro and the US dollar to gold and oil, Facebook and Google, IBM and Apple. You can trade from any category or selection that you are like. You can also risk as little as 10.00.

A great advantage to binary options, is they are a great learning tool, to help new traders begin in the financial markets.

To trade binary options you simply select the asset you are interested, make a decision if it will go up or down and determine the amount of money you wish to invest. With binary option, there is no leverage, no margins and no hidden risk. The amount you enter for your trade is your entire obligation. Now comes the easy part, there are only 3 outcomes in binary options: 

  • In the Money, which means the asset has moved in the direction you selected, it doesn’t matter how far it has moved just so it has gone in the direction you selected, you earn profit. 
  • At the Money, means the asset has ended at the same value as when you started, this is like a draw, and your investment is refunded.
  • Out of the Money, is what we all try to avoid, which means that your prediction was incorrect and you have lost your investment. When you trade with iOption, you never lose 100%, iOption offers at no charge "protection" which assures you that you will end up with something if you are Out of the Money.

There are many trading methods, ranging from the standard Up Down, which I have just described to the exciting heart throbbing, 60 second trades, there are trades know as One Touch and Option Builder, that are a bit more complex but still fairly easy to master.

So ask yourself, is gold going up or down, or oil or the dollar, everyone has an opinion, now you can turn that opinion into quick profits in a little as 15 minutes you can 80% profit, trading binary option with iOption.

Enroll today, at no charge in the iOption beginners seminars to learn how easy it is to trade binary options and see that money flowing into your account.


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