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Keno Strategy


Keno is a lottery game and as such it would be foolish to believe that skill can influence the actual game. While a lot of luck is needed to actually win there are a few things that can be done in order to maximize the gaming experience. Part of winning at keno is making sure to have a good time in every game and, of course, of making informed choices.

The Object of the Game

You might have seen Keno on TV sometime. 20 balls are spit out from a machine and you need to match their numbers with the numbers you’ve picked on a ticket. You can pick a lot of numbers but as the game is one of chance this doesn’t guarantee that you will have a greater chance of winning. Should you have picked a lot of numbers and then get a match you might actually win less than what you would have had you dared to stick to just a few numbers.


A Game of Chance

In online keno games the outcome of the game is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). If you see that certain numbers come up in a game you cannot be sure that they won’t come up in the next game. The only thing you can try to influence is your actual winnings. You could apply a strategy and stick to it but you will have to do so during a longer period of time to see if it has any real effect.


Keno Systems

There are many systems for playing keno available online. The best idea is probably to know about them but not to trust that they will work. If a certain system has a positive outcome that is great but chances are that you were just lucky. Here are a few systems that many keno players like to apply to their gaming: 

  • Pick numbers that haven’t been up in a long time.
  • Pick numbers that seem to come up in every game.
  • Pick pairs of numbers.
  • Stick to one number and play it in every game.

 If a system should work, you will have to decide if you should continue using the method or try something new.


How to choose the Numbers

All though you might not get lucky using a certain method you should feel good about the numbers that you choose. The gaming is meant to be fun and part of this is to pick numbers that you like and feel a connection to. If these numbers are related to you personally or just digits that brought you good tidings before is less important. Just make sure to make your own decisions and stand by them whatever the outcome is. 


Keno Payouts

Part of good keno strategy is to keep an eye on keno payouts. The more numbers you choose the harder it will get to get a full hit. The more numbers you pick the lower the payout will be. It is therefore advisable to pick less numbers. When you play games with more spots you need to consider how many correct numbers you need to break even. If it takes three correct numbers to break even in games between 7 to 11 spots it is clear that you should pick 11 spot and stand a greater chance to hit three right ones.


Keno Bonuses and Promotions

It is good to check out what bonuses and promotions will be available to a new player when you decide to join a new casino. You need to make sure that the bonus is applicable to keno and you should always verify when the bonus will be available as cash. Promotions can give more gaming which in keno could mean a greater chance to see your selection of numbers be the winning combination. As long as you see the bonus as a tool to enhance your gaming it can greatly influence the quality of your gaming.


Know when to take a Break

Keno can be very exciting to play but as with all casino games it is easy to get addicted. Good strategy includes knowing when to stop. If you won a big sum of money it could be a good idea to take a break and come back to the game the next day or even later. Managing your bankroll well will ensure you more gaming than if you blow it all at once. Taking breaks also keeps the keno gaming fun and fresh which is as important as any prize sum possible to win.


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