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Tips for Online Keno 


Keno is a lottery game that can be enjoyed in many casinos online. Since the game is purely one of luck a player can’t really rely on a strategy to make it more successful. What can be influenced is general gaming experience.


If a player thinks through his gaming a bit he can make the changes necessary to ensure that the keno games are just as fun when he loses as when he wins. To achieve this there are several areas to look into and think about.


How to Play your Numbers

Keno is all about numbers. Once you’ve decided on how many numbers to buy and how much to bet on them you can only await the result and hope that you made a clever choice. Even though the outcome is purely random, thanks to the computerized random number generators, you should consider how you spread your numbers. Many keno players will agree that it is more fun to play in patterns instead of spreading the numbers without thought. This is called a keno system and there are plenty of them to read up on online.


  1. Use a System - Once you’ve decided to try out a system you will have no trouble finding one. The question is if you have the right attitude about it. It is advisable to use a system for the fun of it and never think that a certain method is winning guaranteed.


  2. Play the same amount of spot each time - Some say that it is foolish to play more than a spot 7. The best is most likely to stick to 3 to 4 each time unless you think that you will make a lot of smaller winnings by playing more numbers at once.


  3. Play a reduced keno system - You decide an amount of number you are going to play and then you pick a few more than these. On the tickets you are going to play you simply reduce the bigger amount to your actual spot play by removing numbers.


  4. Play the same numbers - Play the very same combination on every ticket and hope that this will eventually show up.


  5. Create a pattern - Use one or two patterns and repeat these in each game.


It is difficult to say just how well a system should work. In a game of luck nothing can be promised and there are differences between casinos when it comes to odds and payouts. A system could simply be a way to make the game more fun and interesting.


Learn about Payouts

In keno it is very important to check out how much the casino will pay for a certain amount of direct hits. As mentioned before, it is best to play fewer spots than lots and this is because direct hits on a few chosen numbers will pay more than the same amount from a larger selection. The size of the bet will also influence how much you will win and therefore it is helpful to check out a schedule of odds before actually making your bet.


Find the Best Keno Games

Keno is basically the same in every casino and still it is recommended to learn where the best keno gaming can be found. You want to know where other players enjoy keno the best and in order to get truthful information you should consider using a gaming forum online. It helps to see what other players say about their experiences in a casino both from the winners and losers. Just remember that someone that just lost a lot of games can put the casino down out of frustration and someone who just won can raise it to the skies out of cheer joy.


Keno Bonuses

When you play keno online you should always try to make use of bonuses and promotions. Having more shots by extra money to play with will hopefully increase the chances of your numbers showing up. Again, a gaming forum online can give the most accurate information on bonuses that are available and in what casino to get them.


Manage Your Money

A keno tip that is truly applicable to all gaming is to manage your bankroll wisely. In keno the best can be very small but you will most likely play many games and this way the sum of the money spent can become more than what you had initially planned. Set a limit to how much you can spend. When you win, take a break and consider saving some of the money instead of using it all on new games.


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