All about the Sic Bo Table Layout

The first step towards learning any table gambling game is to understand the layout, and this is true about Sic Bo as well. To be able to understand and play the game better, you need to be completely familiarized with the layout and know the different issues associated with each part of the table.

So is the Sic Bo table simple or complex? Would you be able to understand it and know the significance of the different elements of the table the first time you saw the table? We will discuss all about the Sic Bo table layout in this article.

Basics about the Sic Bo Table Layout

The Sic Bo table may seem a little intimidating at first glance. At least that is the feeling a number of players get when they first look at a Sic Bo table. There are too many elements associated with the table, and that is something that not all new players are usually comfortable with. The Sic Bo table resembles the craps and roulette tables a lot. It has the same cramped and complicated look as the tables for these two games.

Sic-Bo Table Layout

However, if you take a closer look, you will see that in reality, it is quite easy to understand and simply laid out. What makes the Sic Bo table really simple to follow is the fact that all the bets are mentioned on the table itself. There are no separate charts to follow or manuals to look up. You even have a listing of the odds for a particular dice combination available.


Sic-Bo Table Layout


Different Parts of the Sic Bo Table

Let us start from the bottom portion of the Sic Bo table. There are six betting areas at this portion of the table. These areas effectively represent the number bets, from one through to six. These bets pay out low and offer better odds to the player than most of the other bets.


The pair bets in Sic Bo are located at the middle portion of the Sic Bo table layout. If you are interested in placing pair bets, this is the part of the table you should be looking for. The pair bets carry labels on the left side, with pictorial representations of the combinations of two dice as well.


Above the middle portion is the top portion of the Sic Bo table. At the top part you will see a line of numbers. Each of these represents the total number that could potentially appear when you roll the three dice. You will place your bet based on which number you think will appear on the face of the three dice once they are rolled. Right at the top of the table, finally, are located the high-risk bets. The bets seen here include the Doubles bet (with a 11:1 payout), the any triples bet (with a 30:1 payout), and the triples bet (with a 180:1 payout).

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