Learn How to Use Sic Bo strategy

Strategy has a key role to play in ensuring a win, be it in a game or the battlefield. It has an equally important role to play when it comes to Sic Bo, even despite the fact that this is a game where luck has a large role to play.

There are different kinds of Sic Bo strategies you can adopt when you are playing Sic Bo for real money, and you can practice these strategies by playing the practice games available as many times as you want till you are confident of using them in a real money world.


Basic Sic Bo Strategies

There are some very basic strategies that you can employ when you start playing Sic Bo. In any game, it pays if you are able to control the speed and pace of the game. Many a times, when things are not going your way, it may seem like a good idea to just slow things down a bit. Along with slowing down the pace, you would also do well to look at small but frequent results. You may not really take home the jackpot this way, but you will certainly be a more consistent winner than many of the other Sic Bo players.


Many of us are always on the lookout for that one big, incredible win. Sadly, not too many of us have got it to talk about it. And that is the point about looking for big wins; they are huge because the chances of getting them are really tough. Bets with ridiculously high payouts also have correspondingly steep odds. What this means is that probably 8 times out of 10 the player will lose. A better option is to look at bets that are medium-sized. These bets come with acceptable odds and a good chance of winning them.


Some More Sic Bo Winning Strategies

Another good Sic Bo strategy is to mix and match the options discussed above, if you have the bankroll to back it up. You can run a series of small bets and toss in a bet with large odds once in a way. There are other things you can do, such as fixing for yourself the limit you are going to play, keeping track of your money as you play so that your winnings and the amount you brought with you initially are two different entities, and walking away when you have run through the money you came with initially.


Basically, to sum up, one can categorize Sic Bo strategies into three types – low risk strategies, medium risk strategies, and high risk strategies. Low risk strategies are for players who are comfortable playing at casinos with a low house edge. Medium risk strategies are for people who prefer to combine different kinds of bets so they have more possibilities of winning on each roll of the dice. High risk strategies, as the term suggests, come with a large element of risk, and not everyone will opt for them.



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