Video Poker Strategy

Strategies for Online Video Poker

Video Poker Strategy

Most games in the casino won’t be affected by strategy. Not so video poker. Video poker is the game where skill can make all the difference in many ways. Once a player starts to play in a more planned way he will not only win much more but also  better enjoy the game.


There are several Video poker strategies that can be applied both to the video poker game in specific and to casino gaming in general. A good idea is to combine these in order to create the best gaming experience possible.


Learn the Rules

It should be obvious that jumping into a game without knowing the rules gives a better result. Still, there are many players who think they can “wing” it and jump onto a new game just for fun. The backside of this tactic is that the gaming will get very boring as it might even lead to big financial losses.

The starting point is to check that you do understand the basic rules of video poker. Having done this you need to check what the casino of your choice is offering. Reading up on the details the casino offers is a good video poker strategy that will only take a few minutes but hopefully lead to hours of great gaming.


Understanding Pay Tables

What can differ between casinos online are the pay tables. Each game can also be different from the next within the same casino. Before you start playing on a machine you need to check its individual table. What is important is what sum of points the different hand ranks come with and how this relates to your bet and how many times you alter the hand before you reach the final result. Even if you will lose more than win in the beginning you can limit your losses by understanding what you choices will do to the end result. If you feel unsure about how this works it helps to talk to other experienced players in a video poker forum.


What to discard

Good video poker strategy includes learning what to discard and, of course, when. With experience you will develop a sense for when it is worth to take a chance and discard a card form a hand that is already presenting a nice rank and when not. Although you can get basic guidelines on what is recommended in different situations you will have to learn to read you individual games in order to truly succeed. Only you know how much is on your bankroll and sometimes it might be better to stay safe than sorry.


Learn from the Pros

Many video poker professionals are sharing their way to success online or in books. It is easier to use the Internet to get information but sometimes it could be worth it to check out an occasional book. The strategies shared by the pros can be both simple and complicated. The good thing is that you can decide for yourself how much of their advice you want to apply to your own gaming. Creativity can lead to techniques that are unique and that can score very interesting results.


Learn from other Players

It cannot be denied that the best advice is the words from other regular players. Someone that is not trying to sell you a book or an account in a casino will be honest about his experiences. Player forums online allow regular players to chat and share information about casinos and individual games. You should get into the habit of using such a forum if you want to maximize your gaming experience. This information is completely for free and you will get the best updates on where the latest jackpots of big size can be found.


Practice Makes Perfect

To become a good video poker player you must play a lot. To go from minus to break even it could be a matter of many hours a week. This is not feasible to everyone and therefore you need to take into account that it could take a long time before you start making money on this game.


An important strategy for any gaming is patience. You can expect a few hours here and there to give you instant success. What you can do is set some kind of limit on how much you are allowed to lose on the game. As long as the video poker feels fun and refreshing it doesn’t really matter how much money you make. After all, the best video poker strategy is to have fun!


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