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Video Poker tipsChoosing Your Video Poker Game

In general, casinos have worked out the odds for each type of video poker. All of the different types have similar odds, so you should play the type of game that you enjoy most. You might feel like you'll win more at Deuces Wild, but the payouts on three of a kind are lower than on Jacks or Better, so it makes the odds the same in the end. Aces and Faces is another game that you might enjoy. You should look for the game that you enjoy the most, rather than trying to work out the mathematical possibilities. The casinos have already done the math, and it works out the same for all of the games.


Choosing Your Video Poker Machine


If you're playing online, then you don't get to choose your video poker machine. If you're playing in an online casino, then you should choose a machine in a very visible place. Sometimes machines in a visible place in a casino are programmed to allow more wins. This is more true for slots, but it can also be true for video poker.


Choosing How Many Coins to Play


Some video slots machines have the same odds no matter how many coins you play. Some video slots machines have different odds if you play different numbers of coins. You need to check the pay table to be sure. The difference is usually only for the highest win. Many times, you can only win the jackpot if you are playing the largest number of coins. If you want to play the machine without playing that high an amount each time, you might want to find a machine with a lower coin amount. You can also choose to play fewer coins anyway. It is really not so likely that you will get the jackpot hand anyway. Of course, if you do, you will feel very sad if you don't get the jackpot.


Deciding How Much Money to Spend


This is perhaps the most important tip to consider when you play video poker.  You don't want to spend more money than you can afford to lose easily. You don't want to lose your rent money or your food money. You should consider video poker a type of entertainment and only use money that is budgeted for entertainment for video poker. If you spend money that you don't want to spend, you will feel tense and you will not enjoy your playing. If you spend all the money that you set aside for video poker, you should stop playing. Don't say “I'll only spend a few more dollars to make back what I lost.” You might lose that money too and then you will be even sorrier.


Have Fun!


Video Poker is a game. If you are playing, you should play to have fun. You should not play to make money. If you make money, that's great, but it is better to play for the fun of the game.


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