Craps History

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Craps History

The long looooooooong history of the dice games in general is a few thousands years old. But, However, the history of the modern craps is extremely shorter.


only a couple of hundred years old, The direct predecessor of modern craps was an english game of "Hazard". There is factual evidence that it was played by the warriors in the twelfth century during the Third Crusade, led by the three most powerful kings of Western Europe:





  • Frederick Barbarossa of The Holy Roman Empire
  • Philip Augustus of France 
  • Richard The Lion-Heart of England.


The game of Hazard was probably created long before the crusaders. It is possible that the first English settlers on "Mayflower" brought it to America. English Hazard became very popular in New Orleans around 1850, where French called it "Craps".


After that rules and odds changed frequently. Few modern variations of the Craps game showed up which were simple and quicker than original Hazard. One variation "Table Off Game" became specially popular with gambling establishments at the late of 18th century. During that period casino tables and a simple layout, featuring the 6 and 8, the Field, the Win and the Come bets, were initiated. However, the players could bet only with the dice against the House.


Finally, John H. Winn reformed the game and made it possible for the Craps players to gamble right and wrong. He bettered a design accordingly and drew a space for Don't Pass bets. In 1931 casino gambling was legitimized in the State of Nevada and Casino Craps became popular all over the planet.


As long as Craps survived the players tried to hit the house anyway they could. Hundreds of betting and progressive Craps systems were produced, the crooked dice were used and the dream to rule the perfect dice on casino tables preoccupied the head and inspiration of the crapshooters.


One thing you can be sure: the game of Craps has been around for hundreds of years and will continue to hold an important place in gambling tradition.


From the History of Craps to Today's Online Craps:


Craps is a game like no other - with enough excitement and fun to fuel a whole casino. It really is an adrenaline booster, as many have experienced at a hot table. With its chaotic nature, craps has gained the attention of many newcomers and loyal gamblers alike. And how could it not?


Playing Online Craps from home eliminates the distractions associated with playing land-based Craps:


  • Cocktail waitresses
  • Strategically placed mirrors that serve to disorient
  • An absense of clocks and windows
  • Free alcohol that can dull your senses
  • Hypnotic carpet patterns
  • Hustling dealers
  • And much more...


These variables are ones that Vegas casinos have fine-tuned in order to squeeze every last penny from its patrons. Online craps alleviates all of these burdens and more. Picture yourself rolling craps, while sitting down! Not just that, but sitting in your favorite chair, with your favorite music or television program playing, without spending a cent on gas for your car!


The benefits of playing online Caps from home are numerous and significant. Take advantage of this new way to lower the house edge by focusing your attention just on the Craps game. Combine this benefit with the abundance of free Craps information available on the Internet, and you have a great shot at success at the Craps table.


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