Craps Tips

Become a smarter craps player by adding some of these useful craps tips to your games


Craps Tips

It is true that craps is a game of chance but the gaming experience can be greatly improved if you know what you’re doing. Anyone has a better time when they feel like a skilled player so it is important to learn some basic craps tips before you start playing with real money. Craps is all about having fun so try to enjoy the game as it is without expecting big winnings from it!


Beginner Craps

As a new player you must first of all understand the basic rules of craps. When you play in a land-based casino you need to know how to shoot the dice and in any casino picking the right bets is crucial. You don’t have to read heavy books or study for hours to enjoy beginner craps. Simply stick to the Pass Line bet and advance from here as you start to get more familiar with the game.


Pick the Right Bets

Most of the craps bets have very bad odds for the player. Make sure to learn more about the odds in the specific casino that you are playing in. In general one can recommend sticking to the most common bets the Pass Line and Come bets but if you want to move on from here the Field bets would be the next suggested choice.


Skip Betting Systems

For chance games like craps there are plenty of betting systems and strategies which are available for free for the one that wants to try them. Betting systems will suggest that you play a certain bet or put in a specific amount of money till you win. They can be a lot of fun to play with but they are no guarantee for winning. A solid craps tips is to strictly stay away from any kind of betting system!

Play for Free

A good way to enjoy craps is to leave the money out of the picture. Play the game online in free version and learn the rules without thinking about what’s going to be with your bet. It is true that free craps version tend to let you win more often which makes them more fun to play but that’s just the fun of them. Even as you start playing with real money you should go back to a free game every now and then to remind yourself of the true purpose of the game namely having fun.

Play Online Craps

In online casinos you will find many great bonuses and promotions that aren’t as easily available in the land-based casinos closest to you. Try playing craps online and see what a great advantage you will have from the offers and help that is so easily available. Make sure to use general gaming guides and read interesting articles about craps before and while you play.


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