Craps Strategy

Strategies to Increase your Craps Odds


Craps Strategy

Before you take your Craps game to the next level, please make sure you already know the general rules and understand the Craps game. If not, it is very important that you'll first spend a couple of minutes in learning our Craps Rules Guide...










A good Craps Strategy is a merger of the following 3:


  • Intelligent bankroll management.
  • A keen understanding of the smart bets on the Craps board.
  • And a relaxed straightforward attitude towards participating.


Learn each of these skills and you will be miles in front of 90% of the participants surrounding you. We will have a simple fast look at each of these elements of a good strategy one after another.


Intelligent bankroll management


First approach - An Intelligent bankroll management is essential to a well thought out craps strategy, because without it you have no way of knowing if your strategy is working for you or not.


Bankroll management can be accessed in a couple of methods. One of the best methods but hard to understand, is to set loss limits and to stick with them. Many times a participant will settle down to play craps and bankroll themselves a hundred dollars. But, with a bad start, the cash can vanish quite easily, and so the participant is influenced to boost their bankroll without much consideration. It is just as difficult to put walk away limits for wins, because when you're winning, why leave? Try to put a loss limit for yourself long before you start betting, and keep this limit in mind leading up to and during playing craps.


The more knowing you are of your mental limit, the more likely you are to listen to yourself should that limit be met.


The second approach -  Begin a game with a set bankroll, which should also be your loss limit. For the uses of instance let us state this amount to be $300. Begin playing with your bankroll, and if you occur to lose it at once, follow your loss limit and walk away. If you occur to succeed initially, try this: play until you have achieved $200-$250 over your initial bankroll, and afterward take your original $300 and place it in your pocket. From this point on, play only with your profits. If you occur to lose your profits you've still retained your original bankroll, and if you occur to turn your winnings into even more cash, try the approach again by pocketing a second hundred and considering it permanently excluded from your bankroll.


Experts will tell you, a craps strategy that requires only playing with winnings can not be wrong.


A keen understanding of the smart bets on the Craps board


A Second necessary component to a good craps strategy requires a keen understanding of the smart bets on the Craps board. You may believe this is the tough part, but honestly, with craps there are a couple of low edge bets. Again, please Read our Craps Rules page to study about each bet and its odds.


Generally it is a good idea to stick with:


  • Pass line bets supported by free odds.
  • Come bets supported by free odds.
  • And place bets on the six or eight.


Learning to hedge your bets when making more complicated risks can be rewarding, but it is not the be all and end all of policies. Generally a hedge betting approach decreases the instability of the game significantly, but simultaneously it limits your potential wins. Simply put, if you are a hedge better there will be fewer down-spells that could bottom out your bankroll, but if you are winning you will end up with less eventually than you would have without hedging.


A relaxed straightforward attitude towards participating


The last component of a smart strategy, a relaxed straightforward attitude, is perhaps the most significant component. Calm heads will win in any game, and craps is no exception. Being a good craps player means understanding the volatility of the play, and preparing for it by playing with a properly large bankroll.


When the board is cold, do not get frustrated and bet bigger to follow your losses, it is a method that rarely works. Instead stick with your policy and comprehend that a bankroll will go down before it goes back up again. Craps can become a confusing game if you play with more bets on the board than you can keep track of, so keep facts simple until you are very relaxed with each bet.


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