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Razz Poker

Razz poker is similar to Seven Card Stud poker in many ways and a player familiar with this game will most likely feel right at home around the Razz table. The specific trait of Razz poker is that the object of the game is to create the lowest possible ranking hand. Now, this mind sound simple enough but in reality it can become difficult enough to have real poker pros scratch their heads.


In order to succeed in this game there are several important facts to consider. Using good Razz strategy can certainly influence the outcome of the game even for the less experienced player.



Who Should Play Razz Poker?

Although Razz can be all but an easy game it is actually well fit to beginners. Razz is played without straights and flushes having any rank and it is quite easy to keep track of the order of the ranking hands. It would be unfair to call Razz a game to relax with when not playing some other better known kind of poker. Razz certainly has a special place of its own and there are players who are real pros also in this version of poker. A beauty of the game is perhaps that it fits such a wide range of players and it can work as a tool to become a better poker player in general as it challenges the creative and logical thinking at the same time.


Making the Worst Hand

No matter what level of your play you will want to get the worst hand ever possible. It might sound like a joke to you but getting there is not easier than getting a great hand in Hold’em. In order to get the best Razz hand, a Bike/Wheel, you need the cards A-2-3-4-5. This means that a great starting hand would include three cards between Ace and five. With such a hand you should bet and raise on the Third Street.


Learning the Rules

The very first strategy to apply to Razz poker should be obvious namely learning the rules. It is not enough to have an idea of how the game works and try to “swing” it at the table. This kind of approach not only ruins the game for the player applying it but it can also greatly disturb the other players around the table. It is a good advice not only to learn the Razz rules in general but also to check what the poker room you’re playing in expects from you.

A Game of Patience and Observation

If patience can be called a strategy it is probably the most important one in Razz poker. A player must know to stay calm through a game that can become quite lengthy and he shouldn’t jump to conclusions too fast. The most important Razz strategy next to patience is to keep an eye on the other players’ cards and game. By looking at the up-cards a player can know a great deal about the game and make his moves based on this knowledge. Playing many games should be the best way to train the eye in recognizing the situation and this anyone can achieve no matter what their level is to begin with.

Learning From other Players

Great poker includes more than one player and while there can only be one winner the insight of getting to the first place can be shared. Some professional players choose to publish their insides for free or money online or in books. There is even software available which will let the player go through possible scenarios and learn the strategies though hands-on play. Even regular players can have a lot to offer when it comes to good strategies for Razz poker. If someone gives you an advice you should make sure to check who the player is and if other players recommend the same system. Needless to say, you don’t want to ask your fellow players at the table but rather chat with other players in an independent forum.


Playing in a Good Poker Room

If you are looking to make some money on Razz you need to look into where to play the game. Since most players are bound to play one of the more common versions of poker a poker room with large traffic is to prefer. Taking a look at reviews of poker rooms online can help you in learning where you will find the most players and lots of fish. Joining a good poker forum online can also give this type of information and other details that can give you a better position around the Razz table.


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