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Tips to improve your play in Blaze poker


Blaze Poker is a high-speed variant of online poker that can plump bankrolls in no time and provide unlimited poker action and adventure.

A Microgaming release, Blaze Poker is the latest variant of high-speed poker to join the class of high-speed poker games such as PokerStars’ Zoom Poker and Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker. These variants are based on a similar concept, giving players the chance to play as many as 300 hands per hour and several tables simultaneously.

The speed at which Blaze Poker moves might make beginners dizzy, but with the help of the following Blaze Poker tips, players will find that they can not only enjoy Blaze Poker, but also win some real money jackpots.

Speed Counts

Before attempting to play Blaze Poker, players must understand time and speed management. In other words, they must learn to think, decide, and act quickly. Since the gaming action is moving at top speed all around them, players will find that they can no longer take their own time to make decisions. Beginners must practice playing Blaze Poker for free and avoid playing multiple tables till they are absolutely confident about their poker skills.


Use Quick Fold

One way to speed up an already high-speed game is to use the Quick Fold option. Players who are absolutely sure that they want to fold their hand need not even wait till it is their turn to do so. They only have to choose the Quick Fold option and the hand will be automatically folded when their turn comes while they will be taken to a fresh table and dealt a fresh hand.

Read Poker Tells

Analyzing poker tells while playing Blaze Poker online is very difficult, but poker pros say that it can be done and is definitely worth it. Beginners will find it difficult to observe their opponents and analyze their behavior when they are playing in a pool of as many as 2000 players. Whenever they play a new hand, they will be facing a fresh set of opponents, but still they should take the time to observe their opponents and make a note of extraordinary opponent behavior. Ultimately, they will start recognizing opponent behavior patterns and will learn to use this knowledge to their advantage.

Adopt a Tight Style

Players can afford to play loosely once they gain experience with Blaze Poker, but new players are advised to play as tight as possible. If players employ this strategy, they will find themselves folding most of their hands, but once they get a good hand, they can take the best advantage of it.

Know When to Quit

It is easy to get mad playing a game of Blaze Poker, especially if one keeps getting bad beats after bad beats. Opponent behavior can also get irritating, but it is important to remember that the ultimate aim of playing Blaze Poker is to have fun. When players feel that the game is not proceeding in their favor, they must quit and take a break.


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